Brongle a cloud tiling platform

A cloud platform to support wholesalersretailers , architects, interiordesigners directly and instantly with  tile data like technical information sheets, PEI  & ‘R’ratings, CE markings and product visuals, merchandising applications and media. Brongle is designed for wholesalers & retailers who want all their tileproducts  (from different vendors) shown online in a secure structured way.

What is the money making principal for my company?

A example: Preparing price lists/rates or product labeling often asks from tile wholesalers  great efforts. Customers are provided in the majority of cases of Microsoft Excellist, pdf’s links , ERP system links. Updating data (like prices) preparing, sending and tracking of these lists is time consuming and costly. Brongle is a secured online tool for wholesalers to provide all tile product information included media such as high resolution product images, video and Virtual Reality links supported with all possible  technical product data. The  tool is completely  in the cloud editable through a CMS or through a ERP connection. B2B customers are connected (with user rights!) into Brongle through registration by the wholesaler.



will provide wholesale customers and independent tile retailers with accurate tile information ( and every update information will be available in seconds) without time- consuming operations .

♦ User-friendly tileplatform that will  increase the retailer service level (B2B).

♦ User friendly sample inventory module (S.I.M.) to control B2b showroom samples.

♦ Tile References are linked to a high resolution product images and interior images (worth a thousand words! )

♦ Tile References are linked to technical data sheets .

♦ Tile References are linked to manufacturer module documents or ‘own’ company documents.

♦ Retailers can be linked to  individual ‘ discounts ‘ .  (eg retailer “Abraham Tiles” gets 10% discount on their purchase, tilelayer John gets 5% discount)

♦ Adjusting tile information is done in a few seconds!

♦ Margin of error to your customers is reduced to ‘zero’

♦ Retailers can create in Brongle Tile Projects and allows to archive and email , pdf or  save as a document.

♦ Available on iPad, Tablet or smartphone

♦ Printing a full list of products remains possible.

♦ Possibility to add product Virtual Reality links.


What are the requirements?

A internet browser, tablet or smartphone is needed to run. A server installation is included.

Ask a ‘free’ personal Brongle presentation (send us a mail)


How much does the Brongle platform app cost? 

Full User License (FUL), license pro wholesaler/retailer(user)

  • No minimum amount of retailers (users) connected to the frontend of Brongle tiling platform.
  • Minimum period : 12 months
  • One full installation and hosting on our server(
  • Full frontend license for every retailer (user)
  • Full backend CMS tool & resources to build on
  • Included all tile products (of your company) logo’s, visuals, multimedia & product markings pre installed by us. You can add a unlimited amount of tile products
  • Unlimited help and (technical)support for your company and users!
  • Monthly new tiles are updates with media (images, video, documents).

Wholesaler license include: – Admin tool (CMS backend) to work with – Server domain registration ( – € 1550,- a month/pro license


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