Tile sample application for creating and designing sample panels on-the-fly!

Tile Sample boards 
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Photo's Dermul manufacturer,

Merchandising version 4

[one_half]Each wholesaler or manufacturer comes at a time  they need to prepare samples for their retailers.  The first step is designing samples with a good oversight in the right format on paper or digital.  These operations are time consuming and existing design programs who can do the job are expensive and often require a high learning curve “of the user.

The sample application Merchandising version 4.01 redeemed the user with high maintenance costs and learning curves.
Some of the benefits that a user will certainly appeal:

User-friendly! very important...
Designing sample panels just in seconds.
Your sample designs can be saved , print or send by email
The software is license free. When purchased merchandising you can install multiple versions in the office for free!

The above are just a few features of the total package.

So what is the hardware configuration?”] Merchandising Sample Designer is a standalone pc/laptop software package. Screen/Display size must be  23-24 inch LCD/LED widescreen. Recommended resolution (in pixels) 1920 x 1080 pixels. This screen resolution is important because we want to make the sample design on the design canvas as large as possible. A graphic card is needed. 

Can I create my retailers and their samples?”]In short, yes!. iVsionAR has a 25 year’s experience in ceramics so we know the importance to structure retailers with their samples. Not even you can structure retailers and their samples you can connect a showroom blueprint in Merchandising v4. This gives you a good oversight if the samples are correctly installed into the showroom.

What does Merchandising v4 cost?”]The price is a one time payment and cost $ 890 euro. You can make a unlimited copies only to be used in the offices (company) were you installed the original one.

Can you guys do the input of sampling as a service to us, just to get us started?”]Yes, our merchandising service contains the following:
Sample Inventory of your showroomdisplays.
Setup a retailer structure including their samples

The only thing we need,
(1)A data file (you receive a sample data file from us)
(2)A sketch of your showroom.

What is the price of this service?
As you can  understand it depends on the amounts of data and samples. Can you give us a note what you need? We come back to you asap.

How high is the learning curve?”] We guarantee that Merchandising v4 has a learning curve of 10 minutes!! Yes you read it right…It takes a minimum of effort. If someone knows the basics of  Microsoft Office he/she can do it and start designing on -the-fly.

Is there a demo available? Yes gives us a note and we prepare a 30-day demo for you. 

Look at these samples….

created on-the-fly, click to enlarge
panelboard 08_1 PanelPrint

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