MediaBibliotheek, een goed begin!


Digital media will become increasingly important in our business and private communications. The more professional a structure in digital media is set up, the easier it will be for employees to deal with it. 

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The ultimate goal of media structure, and the linked handling by employees, is to increase the service level in the showroom and have a clear online presence with the right content. Needless to say that this will increase sales. iVisionAR its experience (meanwhile 25 years) in the construction industry through software development, web/online developments & tools.

Customers include wholesalers, manufacturers, SMEs and architects. All are related to the construction industry or working in this industry. iVisionAR has its growth and experience therefore largely due to the input of these customers. A media library is the basis for a digital (start-up) in a company. With this explanation we want to give a first impetus to companies that see more in the experience of their products.

You are surely familiar with the AIDA model. The idea is that the advertisement somehow grabs the Attention of the potential customer. Next, the customer should also get Interest in the product. In the third step of the model the interest is converted into Desire driven by experience. The customer then gets a “desire” an experience towards the product. Action is the final stage of the AIDA model. The goal of this phase is to move the lead (showroom customer) to purchase the product. Here too, experience is important. iVisionAR with media supplement is unique in the tile industry worldwide, because the customers go through the above phases in an accelerated manner.

Request a  presentation to immerse yourself in media and experience.