Introducing Augmented Reality

bartsmall-logo Business-Augmented-Reality-for-Tiles
Still in development since 2018
connects virtual showroom tile “sample” to a bart-code (looks like a qr-code,  see image). As soon this bart-code is placed in the area a user wants to tile it virtually show the connected tile in realtime. At this moment (2019) our  bARt development is for  1sq ft (around  1 m²) This mean that one bart-code can contain 1 sq ft of the connected tile. In 2020 we think to set one bARt-code to tile the complete area. The user has the possibility the rotate the area with tiles or change the groud color. bARt-code is our patented engine. So, at this moment BART is in development and not available we keep you informed.

This is a bART-code


Who or What is Augmented Reality?

The best explanation comes from webopedia. Abbreviated as AR, Augmented Reality is a type of virtual reality that aims to duplicate the world’s environment in a computer. An augmented reality system generates a composite view for the user that is the combination of the real scene viewed by the user and a virtual scene generated by the computer that augments the scene with additional information. The virtual scene generated by the computer is designed to enhance the user’s sensory perception of the virtual world they are seeing or interacting with. The goal of Augmented Reality is to create a system in which the user cannot tell the difference between the real world and the virtual augmentation of it. Today Augmented Reality is used in entertainment, military training, engineering design, robotics, manufacturing and other industries.

See Wikipedia fore more information, Wikipedia

Ok, Lets see how Augmented Reality  works with tiles (click YouTube video to start)…Or click on this Link